Flexicurity, false promises, and the EU's renamed Constitution

March 18, 2008 18:56 | by Brian Denny - article from the SPECTREZINE - “a radical journal of the European Left”

Brian Denny argues that the EU is dedicated to privatisation and the biggest attack on British workers’ rights for a generation

Active political Saturday for the Austro-Hungarian Empire

Three capitols of en ex-Austro-Hungarian Empire experienced street politics on Saturday.

In Zagreb, Croatia people tried to express their feelings regarding the NATO and the unwillingness of their political class to hold a regular referendum on the issue of joining.

Every end brings a new beginning

One of the most recognisable members of the European Parliament Jens Peter Bonde from Denmark has announced to end his parliamentary career that lasted 29 years and open his position for Hanne Dahl (also June Movement) while he will focus on leading the EUDemocrats which at present are one of the ten European political parties preparing themselves for the autumn elections in the EP.

Video on the Irish campaign by the ERC2

This is the 4th Video Journal in the ERC2 production and it entails interviews with some of the most exposed personalities in the referendum campaign.

New protests in Vienna

Austrian political Platform Volxabstimmung is organising peaceful protest in Vienna on Saturday. They will attempt to make human chain around the Austrian Parliament. Be there at 15:00.

EU-court supports underpayment

Søren Søndergaard: One more EU-judgment undermines organized conditions on the labour market

This morning the EU-court passed a sentence upon the so-called ”Rüffert-case”. The case concerns a legal conflict between the German Bundesland Niedersachsen and the construction company ”Objekt und Bauregie GmbH & KG”.

A letter from Ulla Klötzer - save Finland from more nuclear energy

Dear friends all over Europe!

To this e-address kuuleminen@tem.fi yourself can send your comments to the EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) program of Fennovoima (34% ownership by E.ON which also builds such beautiful projects as wind mills…) for building new nuclear reactors in Finland. If you would really like to help please do it before April 7th!

Over seven million euros for a democratic farce

Relentless Swedish “PR Queen Margot” Walstrom continues with the attempts to fill up the ever-more apparent gap between the political goals of the representatives and the represented ones in the EU area reports the EUobserver.

FLASHNEWS: Ireland and Austria

EUobserver.com launched the following news from Ireland:

Irish PM Bertie Ahern has abruptly resigned as a result of a corruption scandal. ‘I’ve never done anything to corrupt my office’ he said upon the announcement. A commission spokesperson refused to speculate what effect early elections may have on the upcoming Irish referendum on the Lisbon Treaty.
Mr. Ahern has therefore earned himself an honorary title of “The perfect European

Are the governments of EU member states left or right, libertarian or authoritarian?

There is a political tool in the virtual world and it’s called Political Compass. You can take a test for yourself and figure out if your political stance is closer to Stalin, Hitler or Gandhi for example.

Poland: You can't have your cake and eat it too

Subtitle: Poles blew it

Based on today’s decision in the Polish Seym one can paraphrase: “You can’t ratify the Renamed EU Constitution and keep your own Constitution legally above it.” This simply won’t work but only time will tell. Well not just time - in near future top lawyers will have to explain clearly to Poles, to Germans (when they decide to repeat their own legal case) and finally to all other Europeans the true legal nature of the “Mother of all EU Treaties”.

So Lisbon Treaty is about US investments?

Yesterday the Irish business people (IBEC) have developed brand new argument for voting YES on the dubious treaty. In their Press Centre you can read following:

Croatians collect signatures for a referendum on NATO

Not quite the EU-Renamed Constitution news but it has to do with referendum legislation and procedures regarding calls for a referendum in Europe.

FLASHNEWS - Poland and Great Britain

According to AFP agency Polish PM Donald Tusk and the President Lech Kaczynski agreed that the ratification of the REUC goes forth. Today Tusk announced that the day for their ratification will be already this Tuesday. Why such haste, democrats? You wan’t to be taken for April fools? ADDITION: Here is an article from EurActiv.com.

Why are these Austrians so upset?

They have everything! They have 1st class democracy, they enjoy all the fruits of developed European economy, they can travel all across Europe without being bored at the border crossings. So what is it they are prepared to demonstrate against?

All you wanted to know about CFR-EU

The Treaty of Lisbon inserts a new Article 6 into the Treaty on European Union (TEU) which stipulates that the Union “recognises the rights, freedoms and principles set out in the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union” and that this Charter “shall have the same legal value as the Treaties.”

I am Ireland

Irish artist Robert Ballagh has offered his artistic skills to support the Irish NO camp in the referendum campaign. His painting Mise Éire (I am Ireland) symbolises Ireland’s muffled and dependent state within the European Union.

It is possible to evaluate democratic gap in EU

We have already made two graphs to visualise “representation” of electorate within the EU member-states. First one was published after the ratification in France and questionable statements by Barrosso and we made the second one after the Bulgarian ratification.

Austrian action against REUC in defence of military neutrality

As you could already see we started using letters REUC for “The Renamed EU Constitution”.

Austrian NGO’s are well aware that through REUC Austrian status of military neutrality will be gravely endangered. This is why they are organising large demonstrations in Vienna on Saturday, 29th of March 2008.

Bulgarian domino

Yesterday Bulgarian parliament ratified the Renamed EU Constitution with another exemplary display of democratic discipline.

Out of 240 seats in the parliament 195 MPs decided the ratification is the way to go 15 MPs mainly from the ATAKA party were against and one MP abstained from the vote.

Here is new graph representing the level of support to the REUC in the parliaments:

Lisbon Treaty is not only about abortus and "gay-marriages"

Recent news from Poland and Ireland suggest that instead on focusing primarily on basic question of a loss of member state’s sovereignty as such public debate tends to bend towards rather unexpected issues such as abortion in Ireland or “gay-marriages” in Poland.

Slovenian ratification under constitutional scrutiny

As we have been reporting through the last months in Slovenia there have been measurable actions by the civil society to ensure the referendum on the Renamed EU Constitution through a collection of signatures. NGO Hervardi have organised a network which succeeded in gathering approximately 2.700 signatures “in the street” in less than 7 days whereas 2.500 were needed (2nd step requires 40.000 signatures).

What the Treaty of Lisbon does, by Anthony Coughlan

4th of March 2008

“France was just ahead of all the other countries in voting No. It would happen in all Member States if they have a referendum. There is a cleavage between people and governments…There will be no Treaty if we had a referendum in France, which would again be followed by a referendum in the UK.”
- French President Nicolas Sarkozy, at meeting of MEP Group leaders, EUobserver, 14 Nov. 2007

Ireland is voting for all citizens of the EU member-states


Statement from TEAM AGM ‘08 made in Copenhagen, 9th of March 2008:

European Parliament voted 82% YES and 18% NO on the REUC

Quotation from the EurActiv.com article:

In a vote on 20th February, 525 MEPs voted in favour of the EU’s ‘Reform Treaty’ and 115, mainly from the far left and the far right, voted against it.

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