Constitutional debacle in Slovenia over Croatian NATO membership

What we’ll describe here is a short list of combined unconstitutional moves made by Slovenian legislative, executive and judicial powers to enable the ratification of Croatian accession to NATO. All these breaches took many masks off and therefore it will be much harder to pull off the Croatian EU membership without major problems.

The Party of Slovenian People (SSN) initiated the collection of signatures (with more than 5.000 signatures, 2.500 were needed). The president of the Parliament arbitrarily and without previous consultations with the SSN announced the date (35 days) for collection of 40.000 signatures (20th Feb - 26th Mar).

What happened afterwards can only be described as manipulatory abuse of political, media and legal power to ensure that the interests of the USA and NATO are fulfilled:

  1. The referendum legislation in Slovenia is deeply unconstitutional which has already been proven in 2005 by the Constitutional Court. On that occasion CC clearly stated that the procedure how to collect the signatures should not depend on the arbitrary “instructions” by the Ministry of Interior which are different every time. The signatures should not be collected at the “Administrative Offices” in the first place since this immediately creates an unconstitutional situation.

  2. Five Ministries of the Slovenian pro-NATO Government control the collection of 40.000 signatures (Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Public Administration, Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Health).

  3. SSN forwarded a constitutional complaint against the Law on Referendum (ZRLI) to the CC on 11th of March and the CC this time did not provide basic legal protection to the initiator of the referendum. They discarded the demand to firstly block the execution of the law on ratification due to such deeply unconstitutional conditions. The CC did not allow the party in dispute to forward their arguments first - which should be done under their own Procedure.

  4. General Secretary of the CC has made this partial decision accessible for the media before the complainant even received it by regular mail.

  5. President of the Parliament has sent the law to the President of the Republic on the 27th of March (the day after) without even waiting for the 7 days (stated in the law!) - he got the information directly from the Ministry of Interior which is a clear breach of basic constitutional standards.

  6. President of the Parliament signed the law on the same day and it has been published again on the very same day (27th) in the e-version of the Public Gazette.

  7. The law on ratification thus came in effect on the 28th of March and the same day SSN filed another constitutional test for this law on ratification of the protocol for the Croatian access to NATO and also a constitutional complaint over their own (by the CC) decision not to block the law (from the 3.).

  8. Although the SSN filed another complaint and the procedure should be stopped they delivered the ratification in Washington on March 30th.

  9. SSN is considering sending the whole case at the European Court of Human Rights.

This is a sign how far the elites are prepared to go in following their own interests and of those of their superiors. Now Croatian military will be activated even more in Afghanistan (until now they have had more than 300 troops there already).

However what NATO might still get away with will be much more difficult for the EU to execute. Hence we can now read the statements from Mrs. Merkel and Mr. Sarkozy that there will hardly be any enlargement to Croatia if the Lisbon Treaty doesn’t get through. So if the NATO eventually pulled off the Plan C for Croatia that has also prevented EU from repeating the same trickery.

The main web-site of SSN and the bank account have been blocked by the ex-president who stepped down as the president of the party in front of all cameras and the national media in February. He is a puppet of the elite and did everything to prevent the collection of signatures. Here is another site from NGO Hervardi in Slovenian that follows the development.


Logical conclusion.

The problem is that Slovenian government created too great expectations in Slovenian public of what Slovenia could gain in border dispute. More at

Hi, since you surely know


since you surely know Croatian here is a list of historical facts in Slovenian language which you could also mention in your compilation.

May I just translate coloured lines on the map:

yellow - Borders of Slovenian ethnic territory according to (the map of) Kozler, 1853
black - Borders of Slovenia (Dravska banovina) within the Kingdom of SHS, 1929
red - Borders of the independent Republic of Slovenia, after 1991

I could translate the rest in English if needed.

Croatia got all Dalmatia and Islands straight from Italy after the 2nd WW. Now has 1000 km of coast. Slovenia lost Koroška (Kartnen, Karinthia) and Trst (Trieste). Now has 42 km of coast. Principle of (historical) fairness should apply.

You should firstly ask yourself about Croatian law on referendum and why more than 126 thousand signatures by Croatian voters did not suffice for calling a referendum. Now Croatian soldiers will clean the mess in Afghanistan and elsewhere where the masters call them up. What a victory!

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