Austria is back in the Lisbon game!

How objective or how misleading is the majority of the European press to “overlook” such a decisive information? This is the news we’ve just received from our Austrian friends (are you sitting?):

  • it will take MONTHS for their Constitutional Court to come to a decent judgment.

The movement “Heimat und Umwelt” with its chairwoman Inge Rauscher and some other EU-critical associations have brought an action against the EU reform treaty on 23rd October, 2008 at the Austrian Constitutional Court.

It has was written by one of the most renowned experts in this field, Prof. Dr. Karl. A. Schachtschneider who was also responsible for the action against the Lisbon Treaty in Germany where due to a decision of the Constitutional Court in Karlsruhe the President of the Federal Republic of Germany has not been allowed to sign this treaty.

A further sign that resistance does exist, not only in Ireland where the EU could not hide it under the carpet. The Austrian media reported on this important event only in few insignificant lines.

The moral of the story: Never give up hope!

More info at:

  • the site of the Austrian Constitutional Court (only in German language) where you can read about two legal actions on Lisbon Treaty being rejected since “the Lisbon Treaty has not yet been published in the Official Gazette (Bundesgesetzblatt)” but the one we’re writing about has all the bright legal future in front of it since it reaches even as far back as to the Amsterdam Treaty.