NO ratification yet (01) - Sweden, Ireland, Czech, Poland and Germany

This is the list of the remaining EU member-states who still haven’t ratified the renamed EU constitution and in this new series of articles we’ll report on activities within those countries that will eventually lead to a final NO towards the already limping “Lisbon Treaty”.

So to remind ourselves about Poland and Germany you need to look no further but to some of our recent articles.

Regarding situation in Czech Republic perhaps it’s best if you read ERC2’s site.

Remaining Ireland and Sweden bring us following news:

Ireland - Lisbon will not pass in time for EU elections - MUST READ ARTICLE, including quotes like:
British MEP Andrew Duff asked Mr Martin if he would commit the Government to cleaning up the Irish laws on financing of referendum campaigns and the issue of equal broadcasting time for both sides in a campaign. “Several bizarre judgements of the Supreme Court have put charlatans upon the same basis of parliamentarians,” said Mr Duff, who also asked Mr Martin to clarify whether a second referendum was planned.

Sweden - The Green Party (member of TEAM) has decided after a long and hard discussion on a 56% majority (barely) vote to soften it’s stance against the Swedish EU membership.

But for all those Swedish friends and Friends of Sweden who know that in good one month time Sweden will be in position to defend European democracy there is no time like present to be active, here is a press statement from Nej till EU.