Only in Slovenia

In the first half of the year he was respected and acknowledged in the role of the President of the European Council, now he’s in the centre of arms-deal affair. Where is that possible? Only in Slovenia.

A report by the YLE (Finnish national TV station) investigative current affairs television programme MOT has caused a political storm in Slovenia. According to the programme aired on Monday, the Finnish defence material manufacturer Patria paid bribes to the Slovenian Prime Minister Janez (Ivan) Janša in exchange for orders.

Slovenian reply looks like this: Slovenian Government Threatens YLE with Legal Action.

On the other hand only parliamentary parties are allowed access to large portion of the media during the 08’ election campaign and those who would like to discuss Lisbon Treaty get arrested on a false court’s decision after a 14-year long criminal/political process.

And I’m telling ya’ - only in Slovenia.


On top of that...

…we have Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Dimitrij Rupel who wants to kill the free press in Finland, with diplomatic notes.